Our Core Programs

Everything we do falls under our three core methods: Prayer, Encouragement, and Cooperative Effort. Here are what we consider the core programs for what we do.

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For Prayer

The Greater Lafayette Prayer Watch (GLPW) is a ministry of TEAMM devoted to networking Christians throughout Greater Lafayette to intercede for the spiritual welfare of our churches and community. GLPW hosts regular prayer meetings and serves as a source of relevant information for those who desire to pray strategically and effectively. As a ministry of TEAMM, it is accountable to, and given guidance by local pastors and ministry leaders who have a unique understanding of the spiritual needs and issues of our community that the church needs to address.

Leadership Prayer Retreats are periodic events hosted by TEAMM to call church and ministry leaders together for moments of focused prayer.

For Mutual Encouragement

TEAMM Monthly Leadership Gatherings happen the first Wednesday of each month to provide moments of networking, prayer, worship, fellowship and encouragement for pastors and ministry leaders. These gatherings often include moments for sharing prayer needs, for receiving devotional inspiration. The monthly leadership gatherings form the backbone of everything TEAMM does and are considered a high priority for TEAMM members.

From time to time, TEAMM may also host educational opportunities like our Prayer Training Day in 2010, or provide organizational support for pastor accountability and support groups, but the Monthly Leadership Gathering is the core way we work for mutual encouragement.

For Cooperative Effort

The National Day of Prayer is a natural outflow of all TEAMM represents. Working together, TEAMM ministries provide prayer-focused events throughout the day and throughout Greater Lafayette to pray for our leaders and to inspire the people of our community to return to the Lord in prayer.

In conjunction with the National Day of Prayer and at other times, TEAMM ministries cooperate to create Community-wide Worship Events to lift the name of Jesus over our community (John 12:32).

In response to significant issues affecting our community, TEAMM ministries will at times unite to craft Position Statements to lay out the biblical teaching regarding an issue and to adopt a united response.

Finally, TEAMM as an organization acts as a liason between the evangelical ministries of Greater Lafayette and the many other social agencies serving our community (ie. State and local governments, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) sometimes forming strategic partnerships, sometimes serving on specific projects, and sometimes simply sharing information regarding community issues.