Election Day Communion

TEAMM wants to invite all Lafayette area Christians to participate in Lafayette’s expression of Election Day Communion.

This is a national movement aiming to help us choose what really matters on that day and to reaffirm that our allegiance is to a King who was elected and appointed by His Father to be the Name Above All Names because of his willing sacrifice for us.

Locally, a community-wide service is being held at 7PM at Evangelical Covenant Church on the corner of 9th Street and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.

This event was initiated by Drew Poppleton and the TEAMM’s Leadership, but it is by no means restricted to TEAMM churches and their people. We want to do this with all people who love Jesus more than Caesar. When we come together around His Table, we will remind ourselves and declare to the world that the body of Christ transcends any politics.

We hope you will participate and that you will promote this opportunity to your people. For more information, view the official website at http://electiondaycommunion.org and from there connect to the Twitter account or Facebook page.