Community Impact

Our purpose is to identify and engage key social and economic needs of our community. The goal is to foster cooperation between area churches and other entities in the community to better meet those needs. It is the prayer of TEAMM that we can be a catalyst for enhancing the quality of life in Greater Lafayette as we seek to follow the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

There are numerous ways in which TEAMM is attempting to fulfill this goal:

  • Community Impact Forum – This event is held annually each October following the Greater Lafayette Leadership Breakfast. The focus of the Community Impact Forum is to gather TEAMM leaders along with social service agencies and governmental entities to enhance the quality of life in our community. It is also a time to assess and celebrate the work of Christ in our community through the ministry of TEAMM. Find out about our recent forum.

  • Hurricane Katrina Evacuees – TEAMM members have been partnering with the Red Cross to help meet the tangible needs of families relocated due to Hurricane Katrina.