The purpose of this calendar is to help local churches and ministries schedule their community events in such a way as to maximize community participation and minimize overlapping of events and duplications of the services and opportunities offered by TEAMM churches or ministries.

These are the criteria for determining what goes on this calendar:

  • Ministry events and opportunities that you would like others in the community to focus on and to participate in with you.

  • Ministry events and opportunities that you would simply like to inform or make available to other TEAMM churches and ministries.

  • Ministry events and opportunities that serve to further vision and purpose of TEAMM (see our Identity Statement for details).

  • Events and opportunities which are considered by the Executive Leadership Team to be important enough to encourage the participation of TEAMM members.

If you think your item meets one of the first three criteria, and you are a member of TEAMM, simply send a single paragraph description along with date and time details to and we will review it.