Our Identity


TEAMM exists to build unity and trust among local evangelical leaders to influence our community with the gospel of Christ.

Our conviction is our motto: A community-wide work of God requires a community-wide church.


We live our purpose in this threefold commitment:

  • We choose to pray together and mobilize a ministry of PRAYER. United in agreement, we call on God with one voice that his kingdom would come and his will would be done in Tippecanoe County as it is in heaven (1 Samuel 12:23, Matthew 6:10, Matthew 18:19).

  • We choose to build relationships of MUTUAL ENCOURAGEMENT among leaders. Leaders need other leaders. The church is healthier and more effective when leaders build each other up (1 Kings 19:3-4, Acts 11:25).

  • We choose COOPERATIVE EFFORT among churches and ministries. If God chooses to move radically in our community, he will involve more than one local ministry. If God moves radically, he will glorify his son through the unity of his disciples. We’re simply positioning ourselves for that moment (John 17:22-23, 1 Corinthians 1:10).


  • In TEAMM we believe the call to unity in Philippians 2:1-5 applies not only to individual Christians within a local congregation but also, as it originally did, to Christians throughout an entire city. A city-wide work of God will require a city-wide Church. Regardless of affiliation, this Christ-like attitude of heart is the glue that governs our relationship to one another as members of TEAMM. We are in this together as we advanced the kingdom of Christ in Tippecanoe County.

  • We do not view each other as competitors, but wherever possible, we seek to build a biblical consensus among our members in response to matters that concern our community, churches, ministries and relationship to one another.

  • We are interdenominational. We may differ on points of doctrine outside our Statement of Faith and vary widely in our worship styles and methodology in ministry, yet we desire to bless and build-up one another in our individual endeavors to advance the kingdom of Christ in Tippecanoe County.

  • We are nonpolitical. We do not adhere to any political platform or ideology of any particular political party. However, we occasionally address community-affecting issues, publically communicating biblical convictions with the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Participation in TEAMM is voluntary, deferential and relational. We refuse to use TEAMM primarily as a vehicle to promote our personal agendas and events. We choose to participate because we want to be identified with what TEAMM represents and what it is attempting to accomplish for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Therefore, as members of TEAMM we agree with TEAMM’s Statement of Identity. We offer our financial support, our prayer support through participation in the Greater Lafayette Prayer Watch, and our personal support through consistent attendance at TEAMM meetings and events.


The Christian life is lived in the tension of being separate from the world and engaging the world. It is the tension between holiness and incarnation, between social justice and moral purity. However, the same Lord who admonishes us to avoid “yoking” ourselves to unbelievers also reminds us that if others do not defame our Lord, their good works can be seen as complementary to our own. Finally, we remember that the Samaritan, not the Priest or Levite, was commended for his neighborly love despite his religious errors (2 Corinthians 6:14; 6:17; 7:1, Mark 9:39-41, James 1:27).

It is in this light, that we adopt the following statements of cooperation with agencies outside of TEAMM.

  • TEAMM will occasionally engage in partnerships with organizations that are morally positive (serving a just and righteous cause) and either spiritually compatible (agreeing to the TEAMM statement of faith), spiritually supportive (supporting the expression of our convictions), or spiritually neutral (ambivalent toward any spiritual perspective).

  • TEAMM will evaluate all partnering opportunities on a case-by-case and project-by-project basis.

  • TEAMM will not cooperate in projects led primarily by organizations that directly oppose our convictions.

People of good faith can work with people of good will.



Our Core Programs

Everything we do falls under our three core methods: Prayer, Encouragement, and Cooperative Effort. Here are what we consider the core programs for what we do.

Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and our calendar to stay up to date of upcoming events.

For Prayer

The Greater Lafayette Prayer Watch (GLPW) is a ministry of TEAMM devoted to networking Christians throughout Greater Lafayette to intercede for the spiritual welfare of our churches and community. GLPW hosts regular prayer meetings and serves as a source of relevant information for those who desire to pray strategically and effectively. As a ministry of TEAMM, it is accountable to, and given guidance by local pastors and ministry leaders who have a unique understanding of the spiritual needs and issues of our community that the church needs to address.

Leadership Prayer Retreats are periodic events hosted by TEAMM to call church and ministry leaders together for moments of focused prayer.

For Mutual Encouragement

TEAMM Monthly Leadership Gatherings happen the first Wednesday of each month to provide moments of networking, prayer, worship, fellowship and encouragement for pastors and ministry leaders. These gatherings often include moments for sharing prayer needs, for receiving devotional inspiration. The monthly leadership gatherings form the backbone of everything TEAMM does and are considered a high priority for TEAMM members.

From time to time, TEAMM may also host educational opportunities like our Prayer Training Day in 2010, or provide organizational support for pastor accountability and support groups, but the Monthly Leadership Gathering is the core way we work for mutual encouragement.

For Cooperative Effort

The National Day of Prayer is a natural outflow of all TEAMM represents. Working together, TEAMM ministries provide prayer-focused events throughout the day and throughout Greater Lafayette to pray for our leaders and to inspire the people of our community to return to the Lord in prayer.

In conjunction with the National Day of Prayer and at other times, TEAMM ministries cooperate to create Community-wide Worship Events to lift the name of Jesus over our community (John 12:32).

In response to significant issues affecting our community, TEAMM ministries will at times unite to craft Position Statements to lay out the biblical teaching regarding an issue and to adopt a united response.

Finally, TEAMM as an organization acts as a liason between the evangelical ministries of Greater Lafayette and the many other social agencies serving our community (ie. State and local governments, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) sometimes forming strategic partnerships, sometimes serving on specific projects, and sometimes simply sharing information regarding community issues.


Our Connections

In recognition of and as a means to enhance TEAMM’s efforts to mobilize the evangelical community to serve the needs of our county as tangible demonstrations of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 5: 13-16) TEAMM maintains connections to two vital entities.

Indiana Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

A member of TEAMM’s leadership council serves on the Advisory Council for the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI) in Indianapolis (http://www.in.gov/ofbci). The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives was established by the Indiana Governor in January of 2005.

The mission of the OFBCI is to convene individuals, governments, nonprofits, business, faith-based organizations and philanthropies in recognizing shared concerns and acting as partners to solve public problems and create public value; leverage public and private resources to seed and sustain innovative and high quality local initiatives; and highlight the good works of Hoosiers and their communities as best practices.

As an active member of the OFBCI Advisory Council, TEAMM is able to network with and benefit from other evangelical associations which are endeavoring to bear witness to the gospel through good works in other areas of our state

City of Lafayette

The second connection is with the city of Lafayette. Through a qualified individual approved by TEAMM’s leadership council (see ministry position and profile) a TEAMM-Works City Liaison has been established in cooperation with the city of Lafayette to better facilitate TEAMM-Works projects in coordination with city government.

Our Leaders

TEAMM, as an Indiana non-profit corporation, is led by an Executive Leadership Team composed of ministry leaders to be elected annually in March from among its members to serve a one-year term.

The Executive Leadership Team is composed of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, and up to seven other Directors who may serve from time to time as leaders of sub-committees.

Brad Bush, Pastor of Maple Ridge Community Church

Brad has served as pastor of Maple Ridge Community Church since 1983. During most of this time he has provided leadership for city and campus prayer gatherings along with leadership for TEAMM. He serves as TEAMM’s representative on the Advisory Council for the State Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives. Brad also serves on the Executive Leadership team for the National Revival Network and provides leadership for a denomination renewal movement called Rekindle the Flame. He lives in West Lafayette with his wife Susan and his two sons Braden and Christopher.


Joe Bell, Pastor of Calvary Chapel

Joe is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel.


Jeff Mikels, Pastor of Lafayette Community Church

Born in Colorado, and raised in California as the son of a Pastor, Jeff came to the midwest for college and received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Wheaton College. But don’t let the degree fool you. He’s not your typical anti-social math nerd! Jeff has always had a passion for helping others get closer to God, so after graduating, he and Jen moved to Denver where he completed the Master of Divinity program at Denver Seminary and was recognized by professors and peers for his gift of communicating the relevance of God’s Word for today both through personal counseling and public preaching.

After spending five years in Chicago as a pastor, Jeff and his wife Jennifer followed God’s call to Lafayette in 2006 to plant a church on the southside of the city. Lafayette Community Church is now a thriving community of believers committed to helping people find full life in Christ.

Jeff’s Links:

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Our Faith

We affirm…

  1. The Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.
  2. There is one God who is eternally co-existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, his virgin birth, his sinless life, his miracles, his vicarious and atoning death through his shed blood, his bodily resurrection, his ascension to the right hand of the Father, and his personal return in power and glory.
  4. That salvation has been provided through Jesus Christ alone for all people and that those who repent and believe in Him are born again of the Holy Spirit, receive the gift of eternal life, and become children of God.
  5. The present ministry of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life and is empowered for effective service.
  6. That there shall be a bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust; for the former, a resurrection unto life; for the latter, a resurrection unto judgment.
  7. The spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.


TEAMM depends on membership. Local ministries and individuals who freely and wholeheartedly affirm the content of this document are encouraged to join as members.

  • An individual membership is $35.
  • An organizational membership is $100.

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