Our Identity


TEAMM exists to build unity and trust among local evangelical leaders to influence our community with the gospel of Christ.

Our conviction is our motto: A community-wide work of God requires a community-wide church.


We live our purpose in this threefold commitment:

  • We choose to pray together and mobilize a ministry of PRAYER. United in agreement, we call on God with one voice that his kingdom would come and his will would be done in Tippecanoe County as it is in heaven (1 Samuel 12:23, Matthew 6:10, Matthew 18:19).

  • We choose to build relationships of MUTUAL ENCOURAGEMENT among leaders. Leaders need other leaders. The church is healthier and more effective when leaders build each other up (1 Kings 19:3-4, Acts 11:25).

  • We choose COOPERATIVE EFFORT among churches and ministries. If God chooses to move radically in our community, he will involve more than one local ministry. If God moves radically, he will glorify his son through the unity of his disciples. We’re simply positioning ourselves for that moment (John 17:22-23, 1 Corinthians 1:10).


  • In TEAMM we believe the call to unity in Philippians 2:1-5 applies not only to individual Christians within a local congregation but also, as it originally did, to Christians throughout an entire city. A city-wide work of God will require a city-wide Church. Regardless of affiliation, this Christ-like attitude of heart is the glue that governs our relationship to one another as members of TEAMM. We are in this together as we advanced the kingdom of Christ in Tippecanoe County.

  • We do not view each other as competitors, but wherever possible, we seek to build a biblical consensus among our members in response to matters that concern our community, churches, ministries and relationship to one another.

  • We are interdenominational. We may differ on points of doctrine outside our Statement of Faith and vary widely in our worship styles and methodology in ministry, yet we desire to bless and build-up one another in our individual endeavors to advance the kingdom of Christ in Tippecanoe County.

  • We are nonpolitical. We do not adhere to any political platform or ideology of any particular political party. However, we occasionally address community-affecting issues, publically communicating biblical convictions with the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Participation in TEAMM is voluntary, deferential and relational. We refuse to use TEAMM primarily as a vehicle to promote our personal agendas and events. We choose to participate because we want to be identified with what TEAMM represents and what it is attempting to accomplish for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Therefore, as members of TEAMM we agree with TEAMM’s Statement of Identity. We offer our financial support, our prayer support through participation in the Greater Lafayette Prayer Watch, and our personal support through consistent attendance at TEAMM meetings and events.


The Christian life is lived in the tension of being separate from the world and engaging the world. It is the tension between holiness and incarnation, between social justice and moral purity. However, the same Lord who admonishes us to avoid “yoking” ourselves to unbelievers also reminds us that if others do not defame our Lord, their good works can be seen as complementary to our own. Finally, we remember that the Samaritan, not the Priest or Levite, was commended for his neighborly love despite his religious errors (2 Corinthians 6:14; 6:17; 7:1, Mark 9:39-41, James 1:27).

It is in this light, that we adopt the following statements of cooperation with agencies outside of TEAMM.

  • TEAMM will occasionally engage in partnerships with organizations that are morally positive (serving a just and righteous cause) and either spiritually compatible (agreeing to the TEAMM statement of faith), spiritually supportive (supporting the expression of our convictions), or spiritually neutral (ambivalent toward any spiritual perspective).

  • TEAMM will evaluate all partnering opportunities on a case-by-case and project-by-project basis.

  • TEAMM will not cooperate in projects led primarily by organizations that directly oppose our convictions.

People of good faith can work with people of good will.