Welcome to the website for the Tippecanoe Evangelical Association of Ministers and Ministries. We usually just refer to ourselves as TEAMM, and that expresses the heart of what we are all about. We want to be a team of churches, ministries, and ministry leaders working together to see God do mighty things in Tippecanoe County.

Of course, we want you to read through a few things on this website, so you get to know us a little, but more than that, we want you to join us in prayer, fellowship, and cooperative efforts reaching our county with the great good news of our great God and his great love for all people.

Most Important Stuff

The most important things you need to know about TEAMM are summarized here:
  1. We have a shared faith and a shared sense of purpose. You need to be familiar with our basic identity affirmations. Click here for that: About Us.
  2. We have a commitment to meeting together for prayer, encouragement, and strategizing. You need to follow our calendar. Click here for that: Calendar.
  3. We communicate through a Google Group. Click here for that: Our Google Group.